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Welcome to Chevron

Chevron Technical Services provide complete Aerospace Solutions. Our services include Component Repair & Overhaul, Piece Part Manufacture, Aircraft Fuel Tank Repair Teams, Aircraft Maintenance, Real Time Asset Management, Aircraft Interiors, AOG Support & Recruitment Services. At Chevron our culture is based on offering a quality service and we take pride in what we do and the way that we do it.

With over 30 years of aircraft engineering experience supporting Worldwide based organisations, Chevron has the track record, expertise and the versatility necessary to satisfy the most demanding standards required by the aerospace industry.

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Aircraft Interiors

Chevron Technical Services now offer a complete range of bespoke design and fabrication services to guarantee your aircraft is as individual as you are.

Chevron Aircraft Interiors combines experienced craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail.

Our interiors workshop can offer a wide variety of services from seat refurbishment to complete cabin makeover, with a wide range of materials and leathers to choose from. We can also offer the luxury of choosing custom-made fabrics and carpets all handcrafted throughout.

To ensure your aircraft always looks immaculate, we provide a private jet valet services, including carpet cleaning. This regular service can extend the longevity of your aircraft interior.



  •  Private aircraft Interiors
  •  Commercial aircraft interiors
  •  Helicopter interiors
  •  Interiors soft furnishing and refurbishing
  •  Textile restraint repairs
  •  Quick turnaround
  •  Cargo net repairs
  •  Stone flooring for business jets


  • EASA Part-21 subpart G
  • EASA Part-145/FAA Part-145
  • Major airlines



We offer a complete range of bespoke design and fabrication services to guarantee your aircraft is as individual as you are. Whether you want the genteel comforts of home or the dignified ambiance of your office, we can provide all of that and more. Your aircraft will benefit from Chevron’s uncompromising eye for quality and luxury – and above all our 35 years of experience to ensure you get the highest standard of work.



Fully accredited and equipped with skills acquired from many years of experience, Chevron Aircraft Interiors guarantees the highest standards of refurbishment for your aircraft interior.

Our Dedicated team of experts will consult with you to design an interior scheme that fits your unique aesthetic and technical requirements. We offer a wide selection of exquisite materials, including buffalo and Napa leathers, custom-made fabrics and carpets.



In addition to private jets, we bring our excellence of workmanship to the major commercial airlines by repairing and supplying flight deck, attendant and passenger seat covers, carpets and all interior soft furnishings.



To ensure your aircraft always looks immaculate, Chevron Aircraft Interiors provides detailed valeting services, including carpet cleaning, which is designed to prolong the longevity and hygiene of your aircraft interior.



Chevron Aircraft Interiors now offer stone flooring to guarantee your aircrafts individuality. Your Aircraft will benefit from our uncompromising eye for quality and luxury and above all our commitment to safety.
All work carried out by Chevron Aircraft Interiors satisfies all relevant certification requirements.



So whether you need a repair skillfully crafted or a trim part manufacturing all with the appropriate certification Chevron Aircraft Interiors is able to deliver. We know what it takes to get your planes back in the air, on time, on cost and to the highest quality.