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Tank Seals

As a Part 145 MRO Chevron knows how costly aircraft downtime can become to operators, so sharing this passion and need for a responsive dedicated fuel tank repair team with a high level of expertise, knowledge and quality control, the Chevron TankSeals team was established.

AOG emergency numbers

Aircraft Fuel Tank Repairs

The Chevron TankSeals are experts in the field of Aircraft Fuel System Leaks:


The Chevron TankSeals were formed in 2009 and were exclusively awarded the KLM maintenance contract in the Netherlands; covering KLM, Martinair and Transavia in Schiphol, Amsterdam.

Since then we have repaired 1000+ fuel system faults and have experience on most civil aircraft types. Our customers rely on us for a wide range of aircraft fuel system related services:

AOG & Scheduled Fuel System Services:

Fuel leak repairs

Fuel tank pressure testing, leak identification and repair

Fuel system component replacement

System testing, fault diagnosis and component replacement

Fuel tank leak testing and surveys

Full internal/external inspection, fault reports and recommendation

Fuel tank structural modification and repair

Structural fuel tank repairs

Fuel tank decontamination

Internal surface cleaning and contamination removal

Fuel tank SB, AD & Mod embodiment

Fuel system modifications, including service bulletin and directive embodiment.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection preparation

Sealant removal & surface preparation

Sealant Strips  

Sealant removal on stringers, spars and buttstraps. Surface preparation and new sealant application.

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: tankseals@chevrontechnicalservices.com or contact the office on: 0161 945 6999